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About Us

We have endeavoured to build a digital banking platform governed not just by technology trends, but by the philosophy of utilising experience of the financial services industry in a domain of correct operations and compliance. We have partnered with one of the archetypes of global value transfer to employ their guidance in terms of concepts upon which to build a technology.

Open ISO20022 standard governs multitude of financial domains, from payments to securities trading. These domains form a coherent ecosystem of concepts that inform a foundation for our technology platform. Such foundation made technology more capable in terms of mitigation of risks related to fraud, money laundering and malicious access to funds.

Mission Statement

Provide variety of retail & institutional banking products while retaining absolute focus on
consumer protection

Key Features

Free Service

All fees changed for our services e.g. for payments or trading on exchange get immediately reimbursed back into your account. By doing so we provide you with free service while giving visibility on your savings.

Multi Currency

You can choose to make payments to other users into their account with different base currency or by expressing payment amount in any supported currency. We will automatically convert value using quoted exchange rate.


We have secured our platform from malicious breach of our technology infrastructure. We have also utilised principles of digital funds management to ensure that funds cannot be accessed by technology operator either.


Our technology is designed to adjust automatically to increases in user traffic in a manner that would not affect it's responsiveness and operational correctness of provided service.

Risk Detection

We have utilized the standardized framework for processing of financial information which allows our platform to have an increased sensitivity to a variety of risks, e.g. liquidity & settlement risks, fraud and money laundering.

Open API

Our technology is built on ISO20022, an open standard for payment operators. As a result, any information processed and stored by the platform can be available for interaction by third-party operators.

Banking Portal


Manage your funds via current holding account, make liquidity available for trading via trading account.


Pay any platform user either to their account or to email address. Single and multi currency payments are supported.


Manage your holdings by transferring funds between your accounts in the same coin holding.

Trading Exchange


Trade your funds in a number of liquid markets that we make available on our exchange.

Basic Orders

Use market, limit, stop loss and stop limit orders to trade on our exchange. Orders support various advanced settings.

Extended Orders

We support relative orders, limit orders can be pegged, stop orders can be setup as trailing stop orders.

Guiding Principles

Technology can solve problems via efficient computation, but it is not guaranteed to do so in a manner conducive to safe operation of financial services. Industry of finance has evolved around a notion of consumer protection, compliance and regulation. That knowledge is encapsulated by a number of open standards, most notably ISO20022. Standards offer frameworks for technology that is aligned with principles of correct operation of financial service.

Self Regulation

We believe that by unifying conventional wisdom of financial services industry with bleeding edge technology we have created a technology platform that can offer businesses an ability to rapidly innovate in a product space while making consumer protection an absolute priority. While regulatory framework for digital finance businesses is virtually non-existent in most jurisdictions, our stance is to make our platform compliance-ready for the future.

Immutable Ledger

All customer holdings as well as platform's operational liquidity together with information about any value transition between instruments is recorded in a closed-scheme financial ledger. Our ledger retains information about transactions and every other financial value transition. The technology does not permit unauthorised changes to information. Every alteration is recorded in a way which precludes any tampering.

Our Team

Dhesigan Veeresamy

Chief Executive Officer

Fairoz Osman

Chief Operations Officer

Stefan Kruger

Chief Technology Officer

Ulvi Guliyev

Principal Engineer

Contact Us

+27 (21) 555 5555